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December Gathering and Pilgrimage Opportunity

Please mark your calendars for our December Monthly Gathering: (click on the link for more details about time and place)

Tapping Our Dream Wisdom:  Come share a dream or learn from the dreams of others, all are welcome to explore the intrigue of our nighttime visions.  Why do we dream, what might our dreams be opening us to?  The dreams of our ancestors moved them to action and invited them into peace.  Jeremy Taylor, a renowned dream work facilitator, advocates that all dreams come for health and healing, as such, this is your invitation to crack open the mystery, challenge and inspiration of your dreams.  Please bring a dream (written down is especially helpful) and a journal.

Facilitator:  Ann Keller, MA in Transforming Spirituality, is a spiritual director, group and retreat facilitator and founder of Pathways Studio & Retreat.  She has a keen appreciation for nature and the mystics and finds dream work a valuable aid in her prayer and spiritual practices.  Along with dream work, Ann integrates the arts and imagination throughout her work, witnessing first-hand the informative and healing impact of engaging life through the process of expression and experience.  For more information, Ann can be contacted at 206.201.3039 or


And a wonderful creative pilgrimage opportunity: 

Meeting your Muse in Ireland – A Retreat/Tour for Creative Souls
Ireland – April 26 – May 5, 2007

Let the landscape that inspired Joyce, Yeats and many others inspire your soul and release your creativity! Join other artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, etc. in Ireland. Let the Celtic imagination – its stories, symbols, and myths, release your creativity.  Tour facilitated by Jane Comerford and retreat facilitated by Sheila McHugh, Irish writer and artist.

Contact Jane at  or at 509-447-5410 for further information.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for responding to my dream. I think I will let it mull over in my mind and then sit down and the first approach to the dream and see what I discover. I am excited to hear/read what you post further on this subject.

  2. Hi Me,
    Thanks so much for sharing your dream. It is a powerful one! I am going to do a post in the next day or two on recording and working with dreams, since both you and Cathleen have asked about them.

    As an initial response, there are many ways to work with dream images. One powerful way is to consider every dream symbol a symbol of a part of yourself. So you might ask yourself what Tupak Shakur, windows, eagles, herons, and dragons means for you and then ask where you notice similar energy in your own life.

    Another way of exploring dreams is to have others imagine it was their dream and then offer “If it were my dream. . . ” and what their projection would be. So if it were indeed my dream I would notice the presence of a man who has died as the one who sees what you see, I would notice that birds are often considered messengers, carrying prayers on their wings, and dwelling in the space between heaven and earth. Dragons are sometimes scary creatures, but in other cultures, dragons often represent good luck, health, and transformation.

    I am not surprised by the connection with your daughter’s dream as I think in the dream world we touch something archetypal and much greater than our own limited awareness. I have heard stories of people who share living space having similar dreams on occasion.

    The most important thing is that the dreamer is the one who gets to say ultimately what the dream means to them. As you work with the images, notice if there are any “aha” moments which usually indicate part of the dream has been cracked open.

    Blessings, Christine

  3. I find your posts today and yesterday striking in the context of my morning. I do not generally recall my dreams. A few years ago when my youngest was a newborn I had one so vivid I wrote a poem – but since then only one other vivid dream until this morning.

    I do not recall the first part – I recall only that I was in the company of Tupak Shakur (I’ve never listened to his music, I’ve never watched his videos, I know him only from articles I read about him in Time and other periodicals). I do know that there was one previous ‘scene’ but I do not know what it was.

    We are in a white glassed in room – rather like a glass sun porch. We look out the window and we see a flock of eagles in my dream this did no seem strange (although, now it does as eagles are solitary). And they were sort of milling or circling aimlessly in the air the way crows sometimes do. In my dream, I assured others they weren’t acting strange – I thought that they were looking for an updraft and simply were unable to find one.

    The second scene, has me look out the same windows and see a great blue heron in flight. My heart rejoiced and rose within me at the sight as it always does. However, the rejoicing did not last long as when the bird turned more to a profile to me I realized that it was a monstrously huge green dragon.

    The dream ended with me trying to explain what I had seen to doubting others and to try to convince them that the now departed Tupak had seen them too.

    What made this more compelling is almost immediately after I got up and entered the kitchen my five year old came up the stairs saying she had had a bad dream and that “They had taken K.” I asked her who they were and she said ‘the dragons.’ She could not or would not expand on her dream.

    I am sorry for writing this to you but you seemed to be someone who might actually understand it.

    Please go ahead and delete the comment after you have read it!!