Exploring New Things

I realize that in my post earlier about all of the things that comprised my retreat I forgot to mention the art class I took at the end which was wonderful.  The teacher showed us many ways of combining text and art and I was so inspired by her wonderful work.  She likes to work small so she can do several pieces at a time.  Below are some of my very beginning attempts at using embossing, graphite powder, crushed pastels, and colored pencils.  The scanner doesn’t reproduce the color and texture very well and also cuts off the lovely white border created by using drafting tape along the edges. It was great fun to experiement and play with new forms.  I have lots of ideas of ways to explore this further when my workload lightens in December and I enter into more spaciousness.  Bette has also inspired me to try my hand at carving on soft blocks too, I have ordered some tools and books to get me started!  Oh the joys of trying new things. 

What is something new you have tried recently?


-Christine Valters Paintner 

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