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More Icons

yaroslavweb.jpg     kykkotissamediumwebview.jpg

More beautiful icons by Heather Williams Durka.  As I mention in my previous post, Heather is an iconographer in the Orthodox tradition.

Please visit her website:   Icons and Sacred Images

Scroll down for a post on using lectio divina to pray with images. . .

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, that could be fun. Maybe when my partner is back from Alaska (I don’t drive, and its not too far but it still would need a car coming from Portland). Lets see what unfolds : )

  2. Glad you like her work! She invited me to tea and a visit to her studio, so I imagine she’d appreciate your visit too. Perhaps you and I could meet in Olympia sometime, I am down that way once a month for oblate meetings.

    And if someone else left me a comment, my spam controls are being super aggressive. I noticed there were a couple caught that it wouldn’t show to me for approval for some reason, so please try again! :-)

  3. I got a chance to check out her site today–what a treasure so have someone like this so close by. I love Olympia, its not all that far from where I am.

    I really like that you share resources like this in your journal : )

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