Sacred Images

I love to celebrate and support the work of women artists who reveal the sacred in their expressions.   

This image is called “Blessing” by Martina Shapiro.  Visit her website for many lovely  images celebrating Shabbat and other Jewish themes (thanks to Wendy for featuring her)

Miska is an artist who lives in Issaquah and does a whole series of wonderful Madonna icons in contemporary style.  I first discovered her art at St. Placid Priory bookstore and have a couple of reproductions of her work.

Julie Barrett Ziegler lives in Olympia and is trained as a calligrapher and icon artist. This is a violin she decorated for a fundraiser for the Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia and includes one of the Madonna and child icons she has illuminated.  She recently joined our Oblate program at St. Placid and is a vibrant presence.  I am going to commission her to create an icon panel of the Communion of Saints that will include my mother, our sweet Duke, among other animals and saints who have been important for us.  I am thrilled to find someone who will be able to bring such a vision to fruition for me and make a statement about the essential role animals have to play in our lives as teachers and companions.

Blessings on your weekend.  Tomorrow John and I go to see Bombay Dreams. (we absolutely adore some of the Bollywood style films including Lagaan — a wonderful 3+ hour film about cricket, Monsoon Wedding, and yes, even Bride and Prejudice.) Indian music just makes me want to dance!

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