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  1. Thank you. This manifesto is a blessing. I have at times Felt I had it all figured out, trying to direct everyone else traffic. To rest and disengage from that. Pull in and let loose the clinging tendrils. Let be in the holiness of life and rejoice in good and imperfection. Thank you!

  2. I am happy to join this community of Dancing Monks! Part of my joy comes from doing the Dances of Universal Peace and the Sufi Path honoring the Divine in the heart of all.I love to follow Mary Magdalene who rested in Silence and with whom Yeshua communicated through Silence. I love solitude, and also hospitality to others ..and above all to dance, sing, do art and be creative ….so altogether a good fit!

  3. I love this manifesto! It expresses so much of what is important to me. I’m grateful to join such a joyful, soulful, creative community!

  4. Lovely to be here with you all.
    Signing the Monk’s Manifesto is my birthday present to myself, after just reading and enjoying the emails for so long
    Let’s dance! 🥰🙏🏽