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A Visual Meditation

I have been tired today and not feeling all that well.  It has been a slow day.  So I make a simple offering tonight — go over to Anchors and Masts where Tess has created a beautiful video of images from Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries. It really is worth the click over (I am even too tired to figure out how to embed it here) and the four minutes of viewing time.  Turn up your volume and listen to the lovely song as well. Peace to you this day. -Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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Benedictine Resources

Sister Laura Swan, the former Prioress of St. Placid, where I am an Oblate, was interviewed on our local public radio station, you can find the link here. Sr. Laura has written several books on Benedictine tradition worth checking out: The Forgotten Desert Mothers: Sayings, Lives, and Stories of Early Christian Women Engaging Benedict: What The Rule Can Teach Us Today The Benedictine Tradition (Spirituality in History) I am off for a few days of creative inspiration.  I will still have posts each day this week and should have email access as well but I may be a bit slower than usual

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Listening Point

If you head over to Listening Point today, you can see a photo I took in Ireland in a wonderful forest near the ruins of Cong Abbey accompanied by one of my all-time favorite poems (which I posted here about a year ago, but it seemed time to bring it out again).  And while you’re over there, bookmark the site and keep going back to it.  Always good stuff posted there on the contemplative life and they are also looking for more regular contributors. -Christine Valters Paintner@ Abbey of the Arts

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Blogging Sabbatical

I am leaving for a pilgrimage to Ireland next week and so will be taking a blogging Sabbatical for the next month until early July.  We have done so much planning, the housesitter will be staying at the Abbey to care for our Abbess Tune, now all that is left is a few more details like packing and then heading off on our adventure.  The next few days will be busy, so I need to set aside any other work.  While I am away I have some resources for you to peruse.  K. at the blog Onehouse recently started a community blog called Listening Point about the contemplative

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Sacred Arts Ring

Have you visited the Sacred Arts Web Ring lately?  There’s lots of nourishment for the soul:  Poetry  Rich at Pilgrim Path is posting his wonderful poems, I especially love his latest two: “Eventually” and  “Angels of Comfort” about the beauty of Sabbath.  Kate at Thru My Lens Lightly shares about Happy Endings with a lovely poem and image. Visual Art  Bette at Surimono Garden shares the beautiful first budding of her iris.  Leah at This Far By Faith is playing around with her software to create a digitized painting of a Romans 11:5.  Britt-Arnhild at her House in the Woods always has lovely images

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Good Friday

Please visit this abridged version of Peace Stations of the Cross written by Megan McKenna which I found especially beautiful and moving.  Peace to you this day as we enter into the fullness of death.

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Awakening Intensive: November 11-17, 2007!

Today and tomorrow is the last session for this year’s Awakening the Creative Spirit program.  It has been a wonderful journey with an amazing group of diverse participants and I am eager to see what these last days call forth from everyone.  For 2007-2008 Betsey and I decided to take a break from the monthly format of this program and instead will offer it as a weeklong intensive from November 11-17, 2007 at St. Andrew’s Retreat House on the Hood Canal a couple of hours from Seattle.  There have been many of you who have expressed the desire to participate

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