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Impossible, Necessary Resurrections

What will you give up for this season, to help life along in its curious reversals? As if we had a choice. As if the world were not constantly shedding us like feathers off a duck’s back— the ground is always littered with our longings. You can’t help but wonder about all the heroes, the lives and limbs sacrificed in their compulsion toward the good. All those who dropped themselves upon the earth’s hard surface— weren’t they caught in pure astonishment in the breath before they shattered? Forget sacrifice. Nothing is so firmly tied that the wind won’t tear it

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Lenten Links

A wonderful poem about threshold space written by Rich at Pilgrim Path: Ash Wednesday On this February morning, not fully winter, not quite spring, the palest lemonade-colored sun rises weakly over the lake. A still fog sits over the water, trapping a ship in time just as the frozen waters anchor it in place. A waterfront bench entombed in snow serves no purpose but to remind us of a nearly past storm. A good day to be stuck in time on a fulcrum of faith’s calendar. Let us take our cue from nature and sit with this threshold day as

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Baptismal Waters

  As I walked into the woods on my Ash Wednesday retreat last week I was dazzled by droplets of water shimmering all around me.  Here I was entering the Lenten desert and everything in creation sang to me of viriditas, or the greening power of God.  Life was exploding forth before me in this damp forest, the air heavy with moisture, the ground springing beneath my feet.  When I saw the leaf in the bottom photo with its offering of holy water, I remembered my own baptism.  Lent is deeply connected to baptism.  Jesus went out into the desert after he was

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Ocean of Longing

    Last Wednesday I went to the Hood Canal to check out a place for our Awakening the Creative Spirit program we are planning to offer in a weeklong intensive form (more info on this to come, dates are Nov 11-18, 2007).  I decided to make the trip into a mini-retreat and spend the night in the area.  Tune was with me, as well as my camera and journal — three of the essential elements for a good retreat.  The Hood Canal area is a lovely place, hovering along the edge of a channel of still water.  I took the ferry across the Puget Sound from Seattle to

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Digging God Out Again

There’s a really deep well inside me. And in it dwells God. Sometimes I am there, too. But more often stones and grit block the well, and God is buried beneath. Then (God) must be dug out again. -Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life Lent is often associated with the desert, for good reason.  The desert figures prominently in the scriptures as a place of testing and refining.  Lent is a time when we consciously let go of those things or habits that take our attention away from the sacred presence that is always among us.  Some people focus more energy

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Ash Wednesday

Today we leave ordinary time to enter into the journey of Lent through the desert. The desert is that uncharted terrain beyond the edges of our seemingly secure and structured world, where things begin to crack. We begin this desert journey marked with ashes, the sign of our mortality. There is wisdom in these ashes. If you have ever been near death or had a loved one die, you know the clarity that an awareness of our bodily limits can bring. How suddenly what is most important in life rises to the surface. This is the invitation of Lent, to

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Forty Early Mornings

A New Moon teaches gradualness  and deliberation and how one gives birth  to oneself slowly. Patience with small details  makes perfect a large work, like the universe.  What nine months of attention does for an embryo  forty early mornings will do  for your gradually growing wholeness.  -Rumi Tonight is the New Moon and Wednesday begins the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. I am feeling especially reflective this weekend, listening for what my spirit needs during this holy season ahead.  What will those forty early mornings do for my gradually growing wholeness?  What possibilities lie dormant in the seeds that are just awakening beneath the ground of my soul? With the New Moon, the sky is swathed in darkness with only the points of light from stars shining in the night.  Watching the moon wax forth from her place of surrender to the beauty

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