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Christine Interviewed on Our Sunday Visitor

Christine was interviewed by Charles Camosy on Our Sunday Visitor about her book The Love of Thousands. Here is an excerpt:

Charlie Camosy: I suppose I am not the first to suggest that one of the fundamental challenges that a book like “The Love of Thousands” faces is the fact that consumerist Western culture has been largely “disenchanted.” That is, many of us find it very difficult even to take seriously the ideas at the center of your book.

Christine Valters Paintner: Indeed, one of the reasons such a book is needed at this time is precisely because the capitalist consumer culture we swim in deadens us to anything beneath the surface. From the relentless push of busyness to the endless striving for achievement and acquisition, so many are exhausted and don’t even realize it.

Often what happens is there is a rupture in this way of being — an illness or a loss — which slows us down long enough to examine our patterns. It might help spark the question: “Is there more to my life than this?”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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