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Dancing Monk Icon Cards: Remnant and Extras Sale 

We know many of you love our dancing monk icons created by artist Marcy Hall and have appreciated having sets of cards produced. This has become a bit more challenging over time as we continually add to our collection of images and some of you have our original sets of cards (which came either in a plastic wrapper or a green gauze bag and were shipped from Ireland) and some of you have the boxed set (which came in a custom box with a printed guide and were shipped from Seattle in the U.S.). 

Currently we are not going to be producing more sets of cards for the time being until we get a new system in place. We know this is disappointing for many of you, especially those of you who may be missing some of the images. You are able to order individual images as postcards and greeting cards at our Red Bubble shop

However, we do have some extra cards from our original sets that are the result of overprinting. These are the sets that came in wrappers or a bag from Ireland (NOT the boxed sets which are larger size). 

Here is what is available and once these are gone, we will not reprint until we get more clarity on the best way to move forward. 

Remnant Sale

We have 20 sets of icon card completion packs. **THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT**

Surplus Cards

In addition, we have a few cards where the printer made an error and produced a large number of extras. 

If you would be interested in 50 or more of these single designs please get in touch with us. We ask that these not be resold, but they can be distributed at retreats and other programs as a gift to your participants. 

Let us know which card you would like and how many (minimum 50 per request) along with the shipping address. We will let you know a price to include shipping. Email us your request.

  • St. Muirgen — 322
  • Abba Anthony the Great — 219
  • Melangell of Powys — 236
  • Sister Thea Bowman — 208
  • Julian of Norwich — 229
  • Clare of Assisi — 227
  • Nicholas Black Elk — 202

Please Note:

The card sets will all ship from Ireland on October 2nd

To see all the images, please visit this page.

To order individual images as prints, journals, greeting cards, or postcards, please visit our Red Bubble shop. 

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