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Order Dancing Monk Icon Prints by December 15th

Did you know that you can order high-quality print reproductions of all the dancing monks in our icon series by artist Marcy Hall? The prints are 5×10 inches mounted on an 11×14 matte ready for framing. Imagine inviting St. Hildegard, St. Benedict, St. Brigid, St. Francis, Mary, or one of the 20 other monks and mystics we have images for into your sacred space or as a wonderful gift for a loved one. Plus we’d like to introduce the newest addition to the dancing monk series, St. Melangell from Powys in Wales, the patron saint of hares. I have recently

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Feast of Saint Francis ~ A Love Note from Your Online Abbess

St. Francis at the Corner Pub Approaching the door, you can already hear his generous laughter. He stands on the bar upside down for a moment to get a new perspective on things, a flash of polka-dotted boxers as his brown robe cascades over his head, sandaled toes wiggling in the air in time with a fiddle playing in the corner. Rain falls heavily in the deepening darkness and he orders a round of drinks despite his vow of poverty and the single silver coin in his pocket, multiplied by the last Guinness poured. Nothing like a good glass of

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Dancing Monk Icons Cards now available for purchase! – ORDERS NOW CLOSED

**Ordering is now closed.** We may open up ordering again in the future which will be announced in our email newsletter. We are delighted to offer for sale a limited number of sets of the dancing monk icon cards. All 18 designs included – the original 12 dancing monks plus an additional 6 we added from the Irish Celtic monastic tradition (see list of names below). These are printed on high quality cardstock, plastic-coated, with rounded corners, and in vibrant colors. Reverse side of all cards is the same design (see image to the right). Size is standard European A7

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Order Dancing Monk Icons Prints for Christmas (by November 18th)

Our fabulous artist Marcy Hall is making prints available again for the wonderful dancing monk icon series she has painted for Abbey of the Arts. She also has two new Irish saints added this fall: Kevin of Glendalough and Gobnait of Ballyvourney (patron saint of bees!) In addition she has another beautiful series of Monastic Way/Monastery of the Heart prints for a series she painted for the Erie Benedictines and Sister Joan Chittister. These include figures such as Teresa of Avila, the Dalai Lama, Rumi, Georgia O’Keeffe and more! Discounts when you order multiple images. You can see both series

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