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Update on In-Person Pilgrimages

Dearest monks and pilgrims,

It seemed time for an update on our in-person pilgrimages as it has been a while since we posted about this on our website and we continue to get inquiries. 

We have not scheduled any in-person programs since the pandemic and we won’t be doing so for the foreseeable future. 

The reasons for this are many including the intensive time investment and financial risk of planning programs in uncertain times. Primarily though, it is because of my own health challenges over the last couple of years. Due to being immune compromised and ongoing fatigue and pain, I am not currently able to host international groups over several days. This may change in the future, but for now, it is the best way forward to care for my body. 

We know many of you are looking for meaningful travel opportunities and this is disappointing news. 

We are unable to help you plan your own trips to Ireland. Each year we get dozens of these requests and it is not feasible for us to reply to them all. What we do offer is a list of Ireland travel suggestions we used to send out to our pilgrims. There are some wonderful guides you can hire to help you with your journey too.

While I’d love to meet every single dancing monk who passes through Galway on holiday or pilgrimage for tea and a hug, that also is not feasible given the number of requests and my own needs for large amounts of quiet for rest, healing, prayer, and writing.

We ask you to please understand these demands on our time means we have to set a firm boundary. Any requests for travel advice or getting together will receive a link to the details shared above.

With a deep bow of gratitude for each of you, truly I give thanks every day for this community of such beautiful seeking souls. May your heart take you on a journey into deeper intimacy with the sacred. 

Sending you the warmest blessings from Ireland,


Christine Valters Paintner, PhD

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