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Monk in the World Guest Post: Becky Boger

I am delighted to share another beautiful submission to the Monk in the World guest post series from the community. Read on Becky Boger’s reflection on bringing horses into spiritual direction.

I currently live a quiet, simple, contemplative lifestyle in the country as an introverted monk in the world.

Most of my adult life has taken me far into the ways of the world as a professional musician, both in the church and in the bars, where I had to find a way to comfortably share my gifts and passions in a more extroverted, public way.

But eventually I couldn’t deny the still small voice of my restlessness and resistance that was inviting me to follow a deeper call to become a trained spiritual director in 2015.

This journey and spiritual calling to serve others as a compassionate listening presence converged with my love for horses and the natural world in the creation of Divine Equines Horse-centered Soul Care. in 2009.

I have continued following my/God’s heart with further training in trauma-informed care and as a sexual assault response network advocate to serve survivors of sexual trauma.

The contemplative and embodied practices of prayer and meditation, mindfulness, somatic awareness, breathing, the expressive arts and self-reflection that I share with all my spiritual direction and soul care clients are already beautifully woven into my daily spiritual practices- so I am doubly blessed whenever I get to duplicate the practices with my clients!

When the pandemic hit and life as we knew it closed down I have to admit that I was pretty thrilled to realize that I was being asked to do more of what I was already very skilled at as an introvert- retreat and reflect!

But immediately I realized that there was a conundrum and a problem to be solved in that I could no longer meet in person with folks who needed my presence and services .

It was during this time that telehealth remote health care really took off, which got my creative juices flowing. So I pivoted to develop my own form of horse-centered virtual soul care and called it Tele-Horse. I bring the horse to you in a video call so you can stay at home in your pajamas!

My programming has opened back up again for in-person sessions. There is still nothing better than being in nature in the presence of horses but I am so grateful for and humbled by Spirit’s inspiration and guidance that has allowed me and the horses to continue to reach out and help heal those who are suffering.

Beckie Boger is a wild child with a wild spirituality! She is a trained spiritual director who cultivates connection with self, others, creation and the Creator through compassionate, non-judgmental listening presence- with and without horses! You can learn more about Beckie and explore her offerings at and on her Facebook and Instagram.

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