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Prayer Cycle Day 1 Morning and Evening Prayer

Dearest monks, artists, and pilgrims,

We are thrilled to release our third prayer cycle with the theme of Birthing the Holy! Inspired by my latest book Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary to Nurture Creativity and Renewalthis free resource honours 14 of the 33 names of Mary explored in the book. The text for all seven days of the prayer cycle is available now. We will release the companion audio podcasts for morning and evening prayer weekly for the next 7 weeks. The video podcasts will be available in winter 2023. We are also releasing a Birthing the Holy companion album which includes 16 songs for Mary, 14 of which are included in the prayer cycle.

Here is an excerpt from Day 1 Morning Prayer – Mary, Queen of Angels


We gather this morning to join with the heavenly choir of angels and give thanks for their abiding love. Mary, Queen of Angels, summon the support of the heavenly hosts to guide us on our human journey as we live fully into our holy nature and remember that we are not alone. 


Creator God, we thank you that you created angels who can act as messengers, bringing words of life and possibility to us. Forgive us when we expect divine beings to look a certain way and so miss annunciations along our path. Help us to have eyes that can see beyond the surface of things and show us when we are entertaining angels unawares.


Queen of Angels, be our guide. Creator God, empower us. 

Divine Mother, thank you that in times of danger and difficulty there are angels ready to help and protect us. Forgive us when we would like to send angels to battle for us but come from a place of hatred or conflict. Remind us that you are their Queen and that you move from a place of love and compassion. Help us do the same.


Queen of Angels, be our guide. Creator God, empower us.

Beloved Mother, there are so many children who have never known the love of a father. Jesus said that the children’s angels see the face of His Father. Forgive us that we have created a form of masculinity that damages children, women, and men. Help us all to see, as the Angels do, the true face of the Divine Masculine even as we are embraced and held by your Mother’s love.


Queen of Angels, be our guide. Creator God, empower us.

We are blessed to work with a gifted team of artists and contemplatives to bring this prayer cycle to you and pray it nourishes you as you journey with Mary and birth the holy in your own life.  If you would like to help support us financially in creating this free resource, we gratefully receive contributions.

With great and growing love,


Christine Valters Paintner, PhD, REACE

Opening Prayer written by Christine Valters Paintner, arranged by Melinda Thomas
Prayers of Concern by written by Polly Paton-Brown

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