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Spiritual Direction Supervision

One of our Wisdom Council members, Lita Quimson, is now fully trained as a supervisor of spiritual directors.

She finished an 18-month training in the practice of supervision of spiritual directors early in 2021. She can be contacted by email.

Her fee is 20 € for each hour long session zoom.  She is based in the Philippines.

What is Supervision and Whom is it For?

Supervision is a form of accompaniment for Spiritual Directors who want to learn about their skills as someone who accompanies others. Accompaniment is not an easy task because people are complicated and we feel either inadequate in how we accompany the person,  or sometimes we fill the issues brought to the spiritual direction session had triggered some of our own unresolved issues.  This is when it is good to have a supervisor.

Our spiritual directors, who have just come in out of training would benefit much from monthly supervision so that the director may notice and value their giftedness and at the same time be aware of their growth points. We help the spiritual directors notice interior movements and to notice and practice self reflection.

Supervision provides the director with

  1. A space for consultation on questions on how to help their directee.
  2. Open themselves up to receiving new skills
  3. To learn a kind of presence for the directee that would stretch the director.

We help the director recognize their growth points:

This can include noticing the possibilities of transference and counter transference

            Code of ethics issues


            Burden bearing

Lita hopes to be able impart Education, Consultation and Self Reflection to her Supervisees.

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