Images of Mary and the Sacred Feminine from Christine’s Recent Visit to Prague

Christine recently traveled to Prague for a conference on Jung, magic, alchemy, and Christian mysticism, as well as some more ancestral pilgrimage, and arrived a day early.

“I went to the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia (formerly a monastery of the Poor Clares) which now houses the medieval collection (1200-1550) of the National Gallery in Prague. I came to see the Black Madonna of Breznice, which is quite beautiful. What I found was dozens of Madonna figures, a treasure trove of sacred feminine images. Probably 80-90% of the large collection is of Mary. These are only some of them. My other favorite is the second image, Virgin Mary Expectant, I love Mary with her hand on her full belly as if she is feeling the pulse of new life and inviting us to be pregnant with God as well. ? This may now be one of my favorite museums ever. Highly recommended.”

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