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Soul’s Slow Ripening Pilgrimage – Participant Poems (Maureen Winters Perry)

This past March/April we led one of our Soul’s Slow Ripening Pilgrimages based out of Galway City. We have been sharing some of the poems from the writing retreat which participants gave us permission to share over the last several weeks. But poems emerge on the pilgrimage as well. Here are a series of short poems by Maureen Perry.


*I cannot sit still now
Guide my feet on this journey Lord
Let my mind, heart rest.
*The smell of the sea
The company of a dear friend
And friends I don’t know…Yet.
*Breathe on me breath of God
Let my inhalation and exhalation
All be as praise to you.
*Search out the thin place
Join my soul with those others
Find peace in this place.
*I have set my coracle adrift with you, fellow pilgrims
Looking forward to the journey
And seeing where we land together.
*Sunrise walking round
The well casts its magic spell
Shall I just dive in?
*The ferry, the wind!
Breathe on me breath of God
Your light shine on me.
*Walking in a line
Not worrying about time
Humming, sing your praise.
*Connecting, new friends!
Sharing with my dear. Annam Cara
Washing away tears .
*Considering our way,
Watching and waiting for signs
Burying our ghosts.
*Wait, is this her path?
Shouting, go the other way!
Praying her alive!
*I feel like a turtle
Drawn to the sea full of life
Washing away cares.
*Like a sharp pebble
Surfaces warn smooth by currents
Repeating age old rhythms
*Barnacle on rocks
Help me find my mooring place
Not get lost at sea.
*Promenade and prayer
Knowing God is always there
Life and tea and cake!
*To the lighthouse go
Waves crash and the wind will blow
Hang on; God hold me.
*Goat cheese and fresh greens
Blessed everyday to be fed
Hunger satisfied.
*Look east, quick! God is there!
Circle sun wise, thrice repeat
West, we move out of life.
*Sing the Caim, move 90 degrees
Stop each direction, just breathe
Keeping peace within.
*Shall we hold onto ghosts?
Or leave them behind, pilgrims?
Risk memories lost?
*Water and loose rocks
Slow me down on the way
Patrick’s church, holy well!
*Step by step I go
To the center with my God
Bringing his peace home.

—Maureen Winters Perry

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