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May 23: Transformation – Pilgrimage of Resurrection
(A Creative Journey through the Easter Season)

Pilgrimage of Ressurection

Word for Today: Transformation

May 23 - TransformationIf entered into mindfully and with a whole heart, each encounter on the road has the potential to transform. The pilgrim returns home not with all the answers. Instead, they receive better questions; questions that bring the pilgrimage experience into daily life and reveal depth in all they see around them.

—Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within

Reflective Question: Can you stay open to the divine presence which is always in the midst of whatever life presents to you right here, right now, even if it is not what you were hoping for?

Next steps:

Walk the Ancient Paths: Join us on pilgrimage to sacred landscapes>>

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5 Responses

  1. Transformation

    You take my hand – sweet Word Made Flesh.

    Loving eyes gently invite my head


    take a rest.

    Candle flickers

    As tired thoughts drift

    into sacred images.

    Feelings and memories

    are strung like worn out pearls now

    flowing like a stream.

    A shift takes place

    when shadows and light cohabitate.

    Dancing on tiptoes, they shape themselves like a cross –

    All lightly veiled

    in a blue-green mist.

    I see Crazy Girl and Sober Sanity holding hands.

    Smiling at each other; they leap from stone to stone.

    All separation is absorbed somehow in the

    vast Smallness of You.


    For One



    Moment- I know Only

    Your heartbeat…

    Only Your breath …

    and I whisper, “Thank You.”

    But can You tell me please, Lord- Why did body resist?

    Gasping in the shallows for air;

    Clutching and afraid-

    Her tightness overwhelms me-

    And I am suddenly very tired.

    O Come Lord Jesus,

    Heal my paralyzed friend with Your waterfall laughter once again.

    Just one thought can embolden WILL.


    We choose to breathe with body-

    We choose to help her stretch and bend…

    To help her stay with You when she

    would rather shop

    and spend.

    Why can it feel like such work to breathe?

    Breathe in me sweet Holy One…I long for Your breath Only.

    I long Deep within.

    I believe I truly live when somehow Your breath escapes my lips!

    And A mighty wind blows as

    I courageously offer the sparkling treasure of me

    to my little corner

    in Your Breath- starved world.

  2. transformation


    still ~




    ~ with deep gratitude

      1. thank you Liz and all at Abbey ~ for the gift of your presence and sharing soul this season and beyond.
        peace and gratitude ~