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Winners of the 2015 Give Me a Word Drawing!

It is truly amazing and inspiring to read through the words that have chosen you, our dear dancing monks, to guide and challenge for the year ahead. You can read them in the comments here. (And if you still need support for finding a word, the free 12-day mini-retreat is still available at this link).

I am delighted to announce the winners of our random drawing for a whole host of wonderful prizes. To claim your prize, please email us and we will get you set up.

One space in the upcoming online Abbey retreat Illuminating the Way: Epiphany and New Year Retreat with Monks, Mystics, & Archetypes (a fabulous way to begin the year!): Jan / acceptance

A copy of Dana Reynolds‘ fabulous gold medal winning novel Ink and Honey: Caroline / grace

A 6-week self study course from Dana ReynoldsYour Sacred Life Artisan’s Book of Wonderment: Marianne /Ripening

A New Year Sacred Reading from the Ronna Detrick (let a woman from scripture accompany you into the new year!): Sharon Blessum – Receive

A copy Betsey Beckman’s fabulous dance of The Creation on DVD (be inspired to dance into the new year): Kara Markell – With

A copy of As I Lay Pondering from Kayce Hughlett (a wonderful book of daily reflections to accompany you into the new year): Patty / Gratitude

2015 calendar from Stacy Wills featuring her alcohol ink paintings (be blessed with Stacy’s stunning images each month): Lesley / Uplift

A copy of Richard Bruxvoort Colligan’s new album Love Stands With, with songs based on justice-oriented Psalms (be moved by powerful music to inspire your heart to prophetic action in the coming year): Kathy Plourde / Focus

4 people will win a copy of Sick and You Cared for Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle B with one reflection by Christine, plus also Richard Rohr, Rob Bell, Jan Richardson, and many more: Lynne / Choose, Ardis / Behold, Marianne / Star, Laura Ellen / Truth-and-beauty-have-kissed-each-other

4 people will win their choice ofself-study online classes from the following: Creative Flourishing in the Heart of the Desert: A Self-Study Online Retreat with St. Hildegard of BingenSoul of a Pilgrim: An Online Art RetreatSeasons of the SoulLectio Divina: The Sacred Art of Reading the World, or Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Contemplative Practice.: Bridget / Ripen,  Yael / Whole, Kate / Choice, Asther / Breakthrough

And finally, I created a word cloud from the words submitted. If for some reason your word doesn’t appear in the text of the words, please trust that it is present in the spaces between. The more often a word was shared, the larger it appears. Please feel free to print a copy if you so desire, the word cloud belongs to all of us.

Word Cloud 2015


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20 Responses

  1. Not only are you an artist but an electronic genius as well – your many talents continue to amaze me and grace my life. May 2015 be a wonderfully blessed and fulfilling life for you and all the monks you have touched and inspired.

  2. Happy New Year, dearest Abbess! Your poster of our words is stunning, reminding me the power of our thought forms!

  3. What a valuable process this whole time of allowing a word to choose each of us! (My word is ENOUGH) The word cloud is a treasure in itself. If I may save it, (?)I would use it as a starting point for guidance in meditation or as inspiration for poetry or collage – closing my eyes, perhaps, and allowing my finger to “find” a word for the day or for the activity at hand. Thank you so much. There is power in these words-all-together as in the Word.

  4. OK truth be told…I did so want to “win” a prize!
    Guess I won by participating in the process and being part of this visionary skein community and I can see my/our word shining back at me!
    Thank you for the sharing of these gifts . Truly.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! My word for this year, Grace and the first word I ever chose, Believe is listed. I can’t see the two others, Relinquish and Enough, but they may be there as well. I would love to make a copy to put in my prayer journal if I have your permission. ??? And, may I make a suggestion? The word cloud would make a beautiful poster!

    1. Replying to myself, lol. Actually, Mercy is this years word, but I often say, “Thank you, God, for your Mercy and Grace.” :-)