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Clues and Curiosity:
Considering ways to explore archetypal energies
(guest post by Kayce Stevens Hughlett)

I am delighted this fall to be traveling to the Northeast and leading a retreat with one of my favorite people and dear friends, Kayce Stevens Hughlett, on the archetypes and expressive arts. There are only two spaces left, so if you would like to join us in Reading, PA October 1-5, 2015 click here for more details.

Kayce has generously offered us some of her wisdom on clues and curiosity as the trails we follow:

All you get on your life way are little clues.” Joseph Campbell

SoulCollage - Kayce 2I’ve been on a bit of a writing sabbatical this summer. It wasn’t intentional or something I’d named in specific words, but as I began to prepare this blog post for Abbey of the Arts I noticed that my fingers felt odd on the keyboard and an inner voice beckoned for me to toss aside my obligations and run outside to play in the sunshine.  Being the curious sort that I am, I stopped typing, paused and considered, “What clues do I see here?” Hmmm. My inner child appears to be close at hand —the one who loves loose schedules, ice cream for dinner, breaking rules, and dancing barefoot in the grass. My internal caregiver says it’s time for nurturing which includes lots of rest, fresh foods for my tummy, and bike rides or long strolls through the park and countryside. Nurturing means time with friends and space for laughter, lots and lots of space.

“What is the point of all this?” you might ask.

The answer? My curiosity is combining with the writer within as I attempt to share about one (or two) of my favorite topics: archetypes and expressive arts.

“(Archetypes) live in us, but even more importantly, we live in them. We can, therefore, find them by going inward (to our own dreams, fantasies, and often actions as well) or by going outward (to myth, legend, art, literature, and more).” Carol S. Pearson

SoulCollage - Kayce 1I see archetypes as patterns and ways of being, thinking, or observing the world that reside in all of us. Jungian psychology defines them as “a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc. universally present in individual psyches.” Archetypes are recognizable across cultures, time, and belief systems. A few examples we see throughout time and place are the archetypes of Mother, Hero, and Ruler.

“Archetypes help us connect with the eternal; they make the great mysteries more accessible by providing multiple images for our minds to ponder.” Carol S. Pearson

Archetypes help give categories and meaning to our own life journeys by exploring internal and external movements. They help us decipher our personal “clues” in the world. I adore playing with archetypes, and the expressive arts make an excellent playmate.

Last month I had the privilege of leading a small group of women on their own journey of internal and eternal discovery. The city of Paris was our backdrop and the archetype of the Pilgrim was our container. The rhythm of our days included deep listening and intention setting, and, of course, lots of play and laughter. It was magical to see how the qualities of the Pilgrim spoke to each woman in her own unique ways. We incorporated movement, writing, art, culture, and nature to explore our Pilgrim’s voices.

Curiosity is one of my strongest attributes, therefore I love searching for clues to deepen my own life and helping others experience their personal discernment. Archetypes and art help do both of those things. This form of combined exploration is one of the reasons Christine Valters Paintner and I created “Exploring Archetypal Energies through Expressive Arts.”

Incorporated in this retreat is one of my favorite forms of artistic expression – SoulCollage® – a process for accessing your intuition by creating collaged cards. Each card is filled with personal meaning that can help you explore life’s clues, questions, and transitions. And what’s more fun than playing with scissors, glue sticks, and lots of images?

Christine and I are delighted to be bringing archetypes, SoulCollage®, and expressive arts to the Mariwald Retreat Center in Reading, Pennsylvania this coming October. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

My Writing Self may currently feel like she’s “on sabbatical,” but the Teacher and Lover in me can’t wait to share more experiences with you!

Join us for Exploring Archetypal Energies through Expressive Arts October 1-5, 2015 at the Mariawald Retreat Center in Reading, PA. Only two spaces left!

Kayce Stevens Hughlett, MA LMHC is a soulful aKayce Hughlettnd spirited woman. In her roles as ponderer extraordinaire, spiritual director, life muse, author, creative coach, and speaker, she invites us to playfully and fearlessly cross the thresholds toward authentic living.

Kayce holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology with additional emphasis in spiritual direction and experiential learning practices and is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. She is the author of As I Lay Pondering: Daily Invitations to Live a Transformed Life and the co-author of “Arts Centered Supervision” published in Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Expressive Arts to Spiritual Direction. Kayce is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator, a founding member of the Soul Care Institute, and has worked with groups and individuals for more than 30 years in a variety of settings.

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  1. Thank you, Jim. My go-to book for referencing archetypes is called “Awakening the Heroes Within” by Carol S. Pearson.