Beside the Sea . . . on the wild and sacred west coast of Ireland. . . (a video and a pilgrimage)

Ireland is calling so many hearts, souls, and bodies to dwell in her landscape.  In my last newsletter I put a small note at the bottom of the calendar that I was planning a Monk in the World pilgrimage to the west coast of Ireland and to drop me a note if you wanted advance notice.  I received many responses, and last Saturday we opened advanced registration for 11 pilgrims to come May 20-28, 2014, and yesterday – just three days later – we have filled those dates!  That is amazing (and please email me if you want to be on the waiting list for next spring.)

We have now added a second pilgrimage for August 26-September 3, 2014 and have already started receiving registrations for those dates as well.

I am thrilled because I have fallen in love with this place – with Galway, Connemara, the Burren, the Aran Islands, and beyond – and am so eager to share Ireland’s spiritual gifts with others, and there is so clearly a hunger.

I am thrilled because this longing to become a monk in the world is such a beautiful thing to witness as I see others leaning into its possibilities.  It calls me to deepen into my own path.  Ireland, with her rich and ancient monastic tradition, has much wisdom to offer us, much inspiration and sustenance.

Pause a few moments with a little video I put together with images from our time here along with a song I love (from a singer I love, see below).  Even if you can’t join us physically in Ireland, we welcome you to dwell here for a little while in your imagination and see what is stirred in your heart:

One of the things I love most about living in Galway are all the fantastic musicians I keep discovering.  The music scene here is thriving and alive.  Noriana Kennedy is a Galway native.  We saw her perform the other night with Pauline Scanlon, who is a favorite of ours since we saw her in Dingle several years ago on our first trip to Ireland.  Once we got home, I immediately downloaded Noriana’s album Ebb n Flow (a regular occurrence for me lately – I am building such a wonderful music collection) and fell in love with her song “Beside the Sea.”  Listening to it I could imaging a series of my photos accompanying it, so I asked Noriana’s permission to use the song for a little video and she has graciously agreed.

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