Virtual Book Tour: Interview at Catherine Anderson Studio

Today’s stop on the Virtual Book Tour, is for an interview at Catherine Anderson Studio! Catherine is a photographer who also offers online classes in photography as a meditative practice and the author of The Creative Photographer, a lovely resource.

Eyes of the HeartCatherine:   Christine, I love your idea of seeing with the “eyes of the heart” and the heart being the source of true vision.   In the fast-paced world we live in, it can sometimes be hard to slow down long enough to see fully in this way.  What have you found helps you slow down so that you open to seeing the world through the “eyes of the heart”, both when you have a camera in your hand and when you are out in the world?

Christine:  The most important tool I have to slow myself down is my breath.  Breathing slowly and deeply changes my body, so that everything relaxes.  Breath for me, is the anchor of awareness in my contemplative prayer, calling me back to this moment again and again.  I find myself often out in the world returning to my breath as a way of steadying myself and my attention right here and now.

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