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Listening (and Responding) to the Spirit – new option for Women on the Threshold!

One of the great gifts of this upcoming Women on the Threshold program is the opportunity for wondrous phone calls I have had the privilege of sharing with Trish, Ronna, and Dana, as part of our planning for this program.  Something magical happens when women collaborate together and help to make space for the Spirit to move.  Sometimes you can’t be afraid to shift course mid-stream.

We have had great response to our fall experience, and we have also had women who either don’t have the resources for the full program with the small group spiritual direction component, or who want less of a time commitment.  And so as part of a beautiful and generative conversation, we decided to offer an additional (and more affordable) option.

How wonderful is that?

So if you want to join us for the 12 weeks of rich content, a private online discussion forum, and the amazing experience of stepping into a small group spiritual direction space with wise and wonderful facilitators, then that option is still available to you.

But, if you want the 12 weeks of content and just the online forum, but no group spiritual direction, that is now available to you as well.

We also offer the option of adding on individual spiritual direction sessions with any of our facilitators, so consider adding this to either of the choices above.

I haven’t taken on new directees in a long time and have had to disappoint many folks these last several months asking me to partner with them in this way.  So if you have wanted to explore either an individual or group spiritual direction relationship with me, your online Abbess, then now is your opportunity. I am only opening up spots for this program.

Please join us.  If you are a woman on a threshold, this is going to be a powerful experience.

Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist – join us this fall!

For those of you wanting to dive more deeply into The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom  in an online community, there is a fall session starting on September 3rd and going for 12 wondrous weeks.

I have also lowered the price of this class from $325 to $275 to bring it into a comparable value to our other programs.  I know economic times are hard and the Abbey is committed to making quality programs as accessible to folks as we can, while also keeping things sustainable – a delicate balance sometimes!

Both men and women are welcome on this journey.

Click here for more details and to register>>

Please email me with any questions, about any of the above at:!

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