Make sure to visit this week’s Poetry Party!

Such aching beauty in the offerings at this week’s Poetry Party.  Have you stopped by yet?  Pour a cup of tea and then linger with the amazing poems gathered there.  Then write your own response to the theme or image and share it with the Abbey community.  If you share it before Sunday, you could win a space in my upcoming online art retreat for the season of Lent – Soul of a Pilgrim (February 22-April 7, 2012).

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One Response

  1. My Tree

    The trunk is thick
    sturdy, upright
    Giving structure
    To strong limbs reaching skyward
    Displaying strength
    Disiplaying growth and pride.

    Winter winds blow
    limbs wave and bow
    White snow descends
    The tree snuggles under the blanket
    Resting in the stillness

    Sunshine brings light
    and brightness
    Snow melts away
    Hope rallies with images of spring

    Thankful is the tree
    Thankful am I
    for changing seasons
    For new ways of knowing God’s creation.

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