Water, Wind, Earth, & Fire is a “Best Spiritual Book”!

I was very honored to find out yesterday that Water, Wind, Earth, & Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements was included on Spirituality and Practice’s list of Best Spiritual Books of 2010 (scroll down to Nature category).  Their website says:

Every year from the more than 300 books we review on this website, we choose 50 “best spiritual books.” These are the titles that have most impressed and inspired us, and since we only review books that we want to recommend to you for your spiritual journey, this selection actually represents the best of the best.

Our full list will be published in December, but the following books are so good, we already know they will be on the list — so there’s no point, we figure, in postponing the announcement. . . We congratulate the authors and publishers of these exceptional contributions to today’s spiritual renaissance.

Speaking of praying with nature and honoring the earth, this week’s Poetry Party was as amazing as usual.  I apologize that I can’t respond to every poem shared, but please know that I read each one and savor the words and the heart which expressed it.  I often get emails from folks who express how meaningul these are both for reading and for participating.   If you haven’t yet read the poems in celebration of the Feast of St. Francis, pour a cup of tea and stop by to linger.  And of course feel free to submit your poem even though the random drawing has already happened.

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  1. Congratulations on the honoring of your book. Well-deserved!

    I’m so delighted to receive “Water, Wind, Earth & Fire”. Thank you so much, Christine.

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