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Season of Resurrection

Vienna 1Do you have a body? Don’t sit on the porch!
Go out and walk in the rain!
If you are in love,
then why are you asleep?
Wake up, wake up!
You have slept millions of years
Why not wake up this morning


I have been away this last week, traveling to visit family for Easter and then the Spiritual Directors International conference where Awakening the Creative Spiritwas officially released (and the bookstore sold out of their copies!) In between I was going to have a few days to play in San Francisco with my beloved. Instead we both got very sick. Our time ended up being about resting and restoring which was just what our tired bodies needed after working a little too hard for too long. Thankfully I recovered enough to participate in the parts of the conference where I played a key role, but spent much of the rest of the time recovering.

Something always amazing happens when I cocoon. Cocooning is the revolutionary act of taking care of yourself rather than pushing through. It means quieting and listening to the body’s gentle, insistent whispers. It means slowing down rather than speeding up. Cocooning creates space for the body to heal and in the process the spirit has space to roam freely and ponder the wide landscape of possibility. While turning inward I rediscovered some essential things about self-nourishment which have gone neglected for too long in this overly full season of my life. So I return back home with a longing to respond to Kabir’s invitation to walk in the rain and awaken my senses. My heart’s deep desire is to return to true nourishment in extravagant and radical ways. Not just sufficient self-care, but self-care which vivifies my body and spirit.

Then I remember that this is of course the season of resurrection. My body is being invited to emerge from its cocoon and awaken to the delights of movement and sacred nourishment. The dreams of my body are about breathing so deeply that every cell expands and shimmers, they are about resting into a generous multiplicity of sabbath moments each day, of swimming through warm and buoyant water, walking through a thick grove of trees, feeling wind across my skin, experiencing the fire of my passions burning within. My body is dreaming of space for all of these and for the yet unknown dreams, the ones which pulse deep within me and with time and space will emerge in their own beauty and power.

How are you being invited into the season of resurrection?

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