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Celebrate with me!!

Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction – the book – is here!

My box of books has arrived – I got a sneak peek at my new book at a book festival a week and a half ago and finally have my own copies to hold in my hand and savor.  Morehouse Publishing did a fabulous job with the layout of the text – we had various little icons to indicate the different art exercises, some photos, as well as a variety of contributors. says the books ship in 1-2 months, but rest assured they will be available much sooner.  And you can go to the Amazon page to preview some of the content, just scroll down below my face and click on “Table of Contents” or “First Pages.”

I am so very excited!  I went out to dinner last night to celebrate with my beloved – one of my practices in life is to celebrate each step along the way.  And in less than a month I get to celebrate another step!

Interested in joining us for our May 23-28 program on the beautiful Hood Canal here in the Pacific Northwest?  Only two spots left so visit our website to register!


Some more Lenten ponderings:

Sunrise Sister at Mind Sieve engaged with the Lord’s Prayer through lectio divina and emerged with a version all her own.

Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy is wrestling with images of God in some of those lament psalms.

Beth at Virtual Tea House is contemplating Jesus at the Virtual Tea House

Maureen shares her own Lenten poetry at Writing Without Paper

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6 Responses

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to feel and smell this new offering, Christine. Thank you for the work you do for all of us–

    Our Lenten study group is also rolling around in the study. Challenging, struggling, wrestling with the text like a bunch of Jewish rebs (they don’t know it, but that’s what they remind me of!). We’ve decided it’s holy torture.

    Thanks, Christine for the call out for the Virtual Tea House lenten reflections! Just posted a new one: Hell is breaking out in the kingdom of God

  2. Thanks Maureen, we were indeed blessed with some wonderful advance reviews.

    SS, since you have a contribution in the book you should be receiving a copy from Morehouse. Let me know if you don’t receive one in the next couple of weeks. So delighted the Lent class is meaningful.

    Thanks Claire, “a beautiful holy adventure” – I may have to quote you on that! :-)

    Thanks Tess, great question, I’ll have to ask our editor. If you want one sooner I am happy to arrange to ship you one.

  3. Congratulations, Christine. This must be a wonderful feeling. I cannot wait to look at it and hold it in my hands.
    Like Sunrise Sister above, I feel blessed to have been guided to add my name to your Lenten retreat. It is a beautiful, holy adventure…

  4. Yay, yay, yah!!! Congratulations – what a thrill to see one’s words and thoughts captured between two covers. I look forward to owning my own copy.

    BTW – As if you couldn’t tell, I’m loving the lectio and discipline of the lenten readings from the Abbey!


  5. Congratulations. I just took a sneak peek at the book on Amazon. Wonderful comments there.

    Thank you for the call-out above. I do appreciate it.