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Sacred Artist Interview with Jan Richardson

Over at Patheos is a reprint of an interview I did a couple of years ago with the wonderful and amazing Jan Richardson.  It is definitely worth a re-reading (or first reading for my newer friends) for Jan’s insights into art as a sacred practice.

Jan’s work has been inspiring me for many years, she is one of the first people I discovered as a kindred spirit in the contemporary connection between monk and artist paths (and her out-of-print Night Visions for the season of Advent is one of my favorite books ever).  I am delighted to consider her a companion on the way and that since this interview was posted we have met and shared a lovely meal together at my favorite Greek cafe in Seattle once when she and her sweetheart were in the Northwest.

You can read her deeply meaningful reflections on the weekly lectionary at her blog the Painted Prayerbook and order her Lenten reflection booklet here.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks so much, amazing and wonderful Christine! I have so enjoyed and appreciated your Sacred Artist Interview series and was delighted to be part of it. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity in this way, and for giving permission to Patheos to reprint it on their site.

    The Greek cafe was yum! As was our visit. I look forward to another.

    Happy to say that Night Visions will be back in print later this year.

    Thanks again, and a blessed Transfiguration & Valentine’s Day. (Now there’s a convergence to give one pause for thought about the wonders–and challenges–of love and incarnation!)

  2. I love Jan’s work too! I told my pastor about her and he laughed at the coincidence–they went to seminary together. Will you divulge the name of the favorite Greek cafe?

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