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Visual Meditation: Flying Free

Floating on the wind,
What do I resemble?
A solitary gull
Between the heavens and the earth
-Du Fu

Photos taken at Golden Gardens in Seattle in honor of my father’s 77th birthday.

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9 Responses

  1. stunning pictures – a feeling of such peace and calm pervades my mood now after looking at this visual wonder..Sue.

  2. It’s not the same bird I know but you feel it is one bird and it is your self and it is a journey frame to frame, a commute you simply do everyday, so naturally! Wonderful slideshow, Christine!

  3. Thanks everyone, it was a transcendent evening. I want to fly too! :-)

    Suz, he was 63.

    SS, these were taken with my Canon 30D and a Canon IS 70-300mm macro lens. Looking forward to seeing you too. :-)

  4. The first one AND the last one are my favorites. I know the photographer’s eye has a lot to do with the “capture” of the image but I must ask, were these taken with your 30D or with the Rebel?

    Looking forward to hanging out w/you and J.


  5. Just lovely, Christine. *sigh*

    I always add bird beads to my prayer beads because they “mediate between heaven and hearth.”

    Thank you. How nice of you to honor your father…he must have been a young man when he died.