“It is this activity of working through disintegration that I consider to be at the core of the creative and therapeutic processes. I call this act “poesis” (following Heidegger’s use of the Greek word for poetry), and consider it to be at the center of human existence.

“It is essential to human being to fall apart, to fragment, disintegrate, and to experience the despair that comes with lack of wholeness. To what can we turn, then, ion this moment of crisis? I believe it is at this critical moment that the possibility of creative living arises. If we can let go of our previous identities and move into the experience of the void, then the possibility arises for new forms of existence to emerge. Poiesis, the creative act, occurs as the death and re-birth of the soul. . . We are called upon constantly to re-form ourselves, to engage in what James Hillman calls ‘soul-making’ . . .

“Poiesis as integrative affirmation emerges always into form. This the connection between soul-making and the arts, ‘poetry’ as a generic term for artistic activity. The soul finds its form in art.” (emphasis mine)

-Stephen K Levine, Poiesis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul

I discovered this quote while working this morning on my book about using expressive arts in spiritual direction.  This is exactly why I do the work I do.

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