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Prayer for Springtime

Earth our Mother, breathe forth life
All night sleeping
Now awaking
In the east
Now see the dawn

Earth, our mother, breathe and waken
Leaves are stirring
All things moving
New day coming
Life renewing

Eagle soaring, see the morning
See the new mysterious morning
Something marvelous and sacred
Though it happens every day
Dawn the child of God and Darkness

-Pawnee Prayer

Dawn is the Hour of the day that corresponds to springtime — the new light spreading across the sky after a long winter’s night. 

What is awakening in you?

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2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful poem. How wonderful it is every Spring to stand in the East – the place on the Native American Medicine Wheel that represents dawn, new beginnings, emergence and awakening. I love the fresh Earth energy, the buds on the trees and the first flowers.

  2. That is a beautiful poem. I, too, celebrate the coming of spring and everything is new. It gives me hope for what is to come.

    My neighbor is an earth lover, too, and all around good guy. Recently, I noticed something new in his backyard. He built a tall tripod frame, like the frame for a tepee and set it up for wysteria to grow up and climb. It is probably 20 feet tall. I write of this because, the first thing that I see each morning, now, is the gorgeous purple flowers, reaching for the sky, in the first sunlight of the day. I see it all day long as it is in view out my window. So, I have come to think of the anticipation and joy at the possibilities for what is to come. I could go on to compare this growing tower of flowers to my own hopes and aspirations, but, I think you know. LOL

    Thank you for letting me share.