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Out Sick :-(

I started coming down with a cough/cold thing that is going around on Wednesday and despite my best efforts and a full arsenal of resistance — Wellness Formula, Immunity Tea, raw garlic, and rest — I am fully sick today.  Sigh.  The worst part is that Betsey Beckman and I had a wonderful retreat day planned for tomorrow on Mary Magdalene.  Since hacking and sneezing my way through the day doesn’t sound very pleasant for the participants or me, we are postponing it until Saturday, February 21st and I will be spending the weekend in bed practicing the necesary humility of listening to my body.  Lots of rest, tea, and soup to come.  And snuggling with Tune.

Come back Monday for the next Poetry Party and if you feel so inclined, I’d love you to send some healing energy my way!

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8 Responses

  1. Sending love and prayers from Michigan, endorsed by the 3 four-leggeds in this home as well. How wise to listen so deeply to your body and soul.
    Blessings of the warm and snuggly variety.

  2. God bless those who suffer from the common cold.
    Nature has entered into them;
    Has led them aside and gently lain them low
    To contemplate life from the wayside;
    To consider human frailty;
    To receive the deep and dreamy messages of fever.
    We give thanks for the insights of this humble perspective.
    We give thanks for blessings in disguise.

    ~ Michael Leunig, From “The Prayer Tree”

  3. Sending prayers and good wishes for feeling better. I know you must be disappointed to have to reschedule the workshop. Take care…

  4. sending visions warm quilts by a toasty fire and a mug of hot tea with a dash of honey. Big smiles.

  5. Good for you, Christine. I saw that retreat and thought, “if only I lived closer”!

    Just rest and snuggle and read whatever you can that is relaxing and even mindless.

    Just got back from a root canal so I have some sympathy. I will do the same…

    Gentle hugs,

  6. i am so sorry the bug has you down. i applaud your wisdom for postponing the weekend. i will miss you at memoir writing on february 21 :-( sending lots of warm healing energy your way!! xoxoxoox