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Taking Flight

I awoke this morning, on New Year’s Day, with a heart full of hope.  Last year was brimming with new possibilities and the year ahead brings with it so many adventures and invitations to dance on the edges of things, I am absolutely dizzy with anticipation.

In a most ordinary moment, I was taking sweet Tune for her morning walk today, when as I returned a flock of pigeons took flight across the street.  A fairly common occurrence in the heart of the city, and yet this morning I had this transcendent moment where I felt myself lifted with them, my breath stopped, heart taking flight, and I knew right then this was my symbol for the year ahead.

A moment later I turned toward the front door of my building and found a feather on my doorstep.  A sacred gift from above, from beyond, from within. No matter its origin, its destination is my altar.

Seeing those wings swoop up and down, I joined them. I knew myself to be both of the earth and of the sky, felt it in my bones and across my skin.

So tell me dear readers:

What is the symbol that carries you forward into the year ahead?


(c) Christine Valters Paintner at Abbey of the Arts:
Transformative Living through Contemplative & Expressive Arts

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9 Responses

  1. I love that you shared this moment with us. Yes, those moments of transcendence are spectacular. I believe my symbol for this year is Fire. It reminds me too of “dancing on the edges” as well as transcending. Exciting stuff all!! xoxo

  2. My once a year retreat is entitled, “Nesting.” This is such a lovely excerpt, Christine, and will fit in well. Of course, I think I need the whole book now! Methinks Saint Mary has come up with something quite extraordinary!

    I did a session on prayer beads and loved the meaning for the bird which “mediates between heaven and earth.”

  3. My Symbol for the year.I think a dove. I felt the same feeling of flight though earlier today when I saw a flock of geese flying overhead.

  4. I had 12 beautiful, different types of birds in our back yard yesterday, which was a new record and quite amazing. It had me in tears of joy as I am welcomed into the new year with bird energy.
    I read something very interesting about choosing just one word to act as your touchstone/resolution word for the year. I am still pondering that word for myself! New Year blessings to you.

  5. My symbol for this year is a WHITE BIRD IN FLIGHT. White birds in flight have a particular significance for me, a good omen. I’m fortunate to live in an area of the country where they are quite common. I’ve added a reminder everywhere I can.

  6. Ah, what beautiful moments they are, those unexpected transcendences, when the world looks newly-washed and coloured.
    My symbol for this year has not yet been revealed to me. Perhaps it will, soon.