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Prayers for Petunia

This has been one of those weeks where both joy and sorrow dwell together.  It has been a week of wonderful news and opportunities, but it has also been a week where I have not been feeling that well. Even more difficult was to bring my sweet Petunia into the vet today because of a small lump we found in her chest the other day and find out she needs surgery on Monday to have it removed and biopsied because it is quite possible she has cancer.  So yesterday I asked you to celebrate with me, and today I ask you to send some prayers Tune’s way.

I just received Mary Oliver’s new book the other day and there is a whole series of her Percy poems at the end, delightful poems about her own sweet dog.  I read the one above and immediately felt that choke in my throat, the one where a truth stirs up from your chest.  I love the simple beauty of her words.

Blessings on your weekend.  There will be lots of resting and snuggling at the Abbey.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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14 Responses

  1. I’m praying, Christine. I know how heavy your heart is right now. Blessings to you and Precious Petunia.

  2. Thank you Songbird, kigen, Bette, Anne, and Suz for the wonderful wishes and blessings, such comfort, such love.

    kigen, I love the image of our innermost beings exisiting in love and so love guiding us through.

    prayers to you too Suz, listen to that dog and see what she says to you. :-)

  3. Christine,
    I will be saying many prayers for the three of you. I have a little sad feeling in my heart but I also had a 22 year old dog who had a huge lump for ten years. I loved Tune the moment I saw her and know she is a very important part of your family.

    We are going to “visit” a rescue dog tonight…maybe a friend for Sophie who is still bereft after loosing her pal a month ago. I pray that we make the right decision…not just leap to one because we can’t turn down a furry beast.

    It’s “Dog Concern Day” and Mary is here with us!

  4. Christine, wonderful poem!
    I believe that all our innermost selves, AND Tune’s too, exist in a profound state of love, so I pray always for love to guide us through.