Visual Meditation: Dahlia Delight

In honor of the Harvest Moon tonight, images of autumn’s abundance: 


-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

(images of dahlias taken in Volunteer Park in Seattle)

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8 Responses

  1. Thanks friends! I cherish your words of affirmation. Laure, thanks especially for the words about vision, I resonate a lot with that. Bette, I do think I have a special relationship to dahlias — must be their autumnal nature. :-)

  2. christine–your images are fabulous. i just want to roll around in them. the smell is intoxicating from here!! (i think you’ll smile when you see my post today.) wishing you a wonderful week. i will be away from the blogosphere for awhile. xoxoxooxox

  3. There’s something humbling about these photographs, as if to say ‘THIS is how the creature says awe….’!

  4. these photos are spectacular. in the top photo i can practically see those purple petals slowly opening. dahlias must be attracted to your spirit in a special way because you connect with and capture them so well. ah yes…the harvest moon — a special time. i must think of something special to do for ceremony.

  5. what i so appreciate about your eye, Christine, is that you seem to look not only at the outer appearance of things … their skin … but the inner as well … their hearts. these images speak to your seeing so beautifully i think.

    as i view this grouping, i am noticing that flowers capture well the movement of a being as it opens. the special, unique essence … intense and pure and concentrated … is in the deepest place … and is the last part made visible.

    i learn so much from flowers about my own blossoming. flowers open in their own time. so do i.

    and oh how thankful for the reminder of tonight’s harvest moon. i’m smitten!!!!!

  6. They are beautiful, Christine. Autumn is such a miraculous time. Just when you think the beauty of creation is done, it appears again in great glory!

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