Visual Meditation: Cloisters (Part One)

“In poetry, language is not the only medium; silence is also a medium. We might even say that, in poetry, the very purpose of the language is to inflect the silences. It’s like after church bells ring: the air resonates with their sound. In poetry, the silences are resonant, from the language that precedes them. . .The silence in poetry is like space in a Gothic cathedral. The function of all that mass of carved stone is to shape a sacred space.”

-Li Young Lee 

The Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is one of my favorite places in all of Manhattan.  It was my favorite long before I really knew anything about monasticism which to me speaks of the aesthetic draw of monastic spirituality for me long before I could name the hunger I was experiencing.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts 

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