Visual Meditation: Birds Being Set Free

Into the Wild

The cancer began so small,
just a hummingbird
caught in the house.

It could be gently removed
without much fuss,
flying from the window, opened.

But, a whole other nest was found.
Hiding in the corner,
this cancer was not so innocent.

As the eggs cracked
and babies grew,
they brought a frenzy and chaos within.

Although these were
just small wrens,
the surgeon wielded his knife.

Poison comes next
since traces of birds slipped
into narrow passageways.

I will take this path
but still resist
my body becoming a battlefield.

No wars in my veins.
No cannons allowed.
No heroics or hatred to rally the troops.

Just birds being set free into the wild
while I hold trust
in the palm of my hand.

-Pam McCauley

(Poem by Pam McCauley, Photos by Christine.  Pam said I could share this poem of hers as her way of saying thank you for the warm and healing support extended to her in last week’s Poetry Party.)

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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