Learning to Fly


You’ve only just arrived 
Now you’ve begun to go 
My God, how much I love you 
How my whole body aches with 
The glory that is you. 
Constantly changing, sometimes slowly, 
Sometimes in one heartbeat 
  Or the blink of an eye. 
  always becoming, 
  your self. 
Already my hands rest open 
You sitting there in the palm 
  of my hand 
Stretching your wings 
Testing the wind 
Learning to fly. 

-Rebecca Johnson


Rebecca was a participant in our most recent Awakening the Creative Spirit program.  She came with perhaps the least background in the arts and at the end of the week was bubbling over with creative possibility.  She shared this beautiful image she made inspired by the way I have been working with photos this Advent, and the accompanying poem.  Thanks for this gift Rebecca! I love seeing how the spirit continues to awaken!

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