Snowy Wonder

Yesterday afternoon it began to snow here in Seattle, a fairly unusual occurrence. I had headed off to an art class, but after less than two hours the students kept looking outside and the snow was falling heavy and beginning to pile.  So we all chose to cut our time short so we could drive home before the roads got any worse.  There were a couple of stops on my way home where I was at a stoplight facing downhill and I could see that my car was sliding slowly forward.  As soon as I got home my husband, Tune, and I went on a walk of wonder.  There is something so beautiful and peaceful about freshly fallen snow.  Something that invites playfulness and delight.

It warmed up overnight and began to rain so our snow is now gone. But for a few moments in time everything was still and full of wonder.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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