Illumination of Questions

“Think of the ways that questions illuminate the world around us.  Questions tune the soul.  The purpose behind questions is to initiate the quest. . . . We need to be introduced to our longings because they guard our mystery. Ask yourself what mystery is being guarded by your longing.”  -Phil Cousineau from The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred

I am in the midst of one last journey of the summer, holding many questions in my heart, guarding many longings I am not yet able to name.   My quest feels like it was initiated long ago, but I am being called to more clarity, to more courage.  What are my gifts that make a unique offering to the world?  How do I continue to dive deeper into the life of monk-mystic-artist-writer and support myself financially?  Is that even the question anymore, or is there another, more important question ready to break free?

Unfortunately my broadband connection where I am has been hit and miss, and so I am limited in my posting this week.  So for today, the quote above and my brief reflections will have to do.  Perhaps it stirs in you a longing for something larger?  Or maybe the questions you are holding deep in your heart are beginning to sing their song? 

What quotes and words of wisdom have been speaking to you this week?

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts  

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