Awe and Wonder

In the first few days of our trip through Ireland I had this dream:

My husband and I are on a cruise through Alaska and go up on the top deck in the middle of the night. The sky is black with a thousand stars glittering across it. Then suddenly I see the aurora borealis off in the distance and moving closer, first green and then purple. I am in complete awe and wonder. I look down and there is a little girl standing there who looks like me at her age. I lift her up toward the sky so she can see the spectacle better.

I woke up in a complete state of awe and wonder.  Physically, my body felt as though I had actually witnessed this vision that I have always longed to see in person one day.  I experienced a sense of lightness of being and deep joy.

My spiritual director noted the very Northern quality of this dream and how North in native cultures is the direction of clarity.  I keep experiencing greater and greater clarity in my calling and how to bring my gifts to fruit in the world.

Summer is the time when my little girl comes out to play, she wants to see new wonders, revel in play, experiment with new creations.  Our journey through Ireland certainly opened up new wonders and vistas within me that I will be exploring for a long time.  In a week my husband and I will be heading to BC to take a Celtic Art class together.  I was very taken with the endless knots and spirals on the Celtic high crosses and now will get to learn how to make them ourselves.   I have another art workshop in August as well, to give me some creative renewal and inspiration.

What is summer’s invitation to you?

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

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