Another thought on time. . .


One other thought that occurred to me about clocks and time is the shift we have had to use of digital clocks.  Pretty much every clock in my home is digital, reading out those numbers in their glowing faces. What we lose with the shift away from analog clocks is a sense of the circular nature of time, the cycles and rhythms we participate in, and the relationship of the time of day to the rest of the day as a whole. I think I am going to buy myself an analog clock to put in my prayer corner and remind myself of the fullness of the hours that rise and fall each day, bringing me always back to the holiness that sustains it all.

-Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts

(photo of a clock I fell in love with at a bank in Dublin, I would love to find a small standing version, preferably one that chimes — in case there are any clockmakers reading this!)

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  1. oh yes, the circular movement of the arms and the tick tock tick tock! this is a very beautiful clock from Dublin.

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