I am back from my trip to Tofino, it takes about 9 hours to travel back between the 3-hour drive to the ferry, waiting for the ferry, the 2-hour ferry ride, the 1-hour wait at the border and then another 2 hours home.  But it is so worth it because Tofino feels wild and remote.  I had a wonderful time:  walking along the beach, taking lots of photos, doing lots of art (I am hooked on carving, Bette!), reading, writing, reflecting on directions for my sabbatical time, gazing at stars on clear nights, eating wonderful food, and just being with my sweet husband.  I feel tired from the trip home, but renewed and enlivened about art and nature and all the things that make life truly worth the struggles.

I have to organize my photos and find the right ink to show off my new stamps, so I have lots to share in the days ahead.  I just wanted to check in and say I am thinking of you, dear readers, and have returned filled with inspiration.

The photo above is from our first night when we stayed at this wonderful B&B in Victoria on the way up to help break up the trip.  In the morning the sun splattered through the leaded glass windows and framed this copper vessel.  It made me think of the vessel of my life, what it is filled with, and how it is illuminated.

I hope you are enjoying these midwinter days and anticipating the promise of a new year!

-Christine Valters Paintner

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