Dear ones, I am feeling very tired.  I have been pushing to get the draft done of our lectio divina book (which it finally is, now for editing!), I teach all day tomorrow and Saturday the Awakening program I love (but always exhausting), and I am having some conflicts with a good friend which is emotionally draining.  So I am feeling my humanness especially right now and trying to listen deeply and gently to myself in the midst all that is stirring in me.  I am aware of my longings for Sabbath, for time to just play and be with my husband, for the spaciousness that awaits me in another month.  I sat down to the computer tonight wanting to be inspiring, but realized that for today my offering would have to be simple.  First, a photo from my walk last Monday that moves me with its dark branches that reach across the bluest autumn sky, ready to release a thousand leaves in a confetti of surrender.

May you release whatever needs to be let go.  May your days be filled with openings to life.  May you always have enough.  And may your weekend be blessed with time for rest and play.

-Christine Valters Paintner

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