Midweek Sabbath Morning Pilgrimage

Very few words want to be spoken today.

Just some images to share from a wondrous hike this morning at Discovery Park in Seattle.



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6 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Cathleen and Bette. My midweek Sabbath day is usually Wednesday, but I had to move it up this week and I really wanted to walk by myself so went to a fairly well-traveled park that is still quite stunning and quiet. I was deeply aware the whole time how both the walk and my photography were contemplative practices, inviting me to notice the holy radiating everywhere. It does make a great weekly commitment. I always return feeling so deeply grounded.

  2. There are such times when no words are necessary, when the Spirit is moving. Every photo from your pilgrimage is beautiful! I like the idea of setting one day of the week for a nature walk.

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