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WARNING: Artist Colony

All occupants have the terrifying tendency to think artistic thoughts, be out-spoken, intelligent, pro-active, outside-box thinkers and other dangerous habits.

If you can read and are a pro-crastinator, close-minded person and such stuff, YOU MUST STAY AWAY. Prolonged exposure to the personalities of the colony’s inhabitants can lead to coating surfaces in colors, mimicking sounds and voices, impersonating other people and losing oneself in the thoughts of fictional and non-fictional characters.


This great warning was shared at our Gathering last Friday by Anna Curtiss, daughter of Lew, who was also in attendance.  It was written by his son Levi.  Lew homeschools his children and is artistic director at Seattle Performing Arts Fellowship. (Their plays are always well-done, so consider supporting local community theater by going to see “The All-Night Strut” starting later this month!).  Wouldn’t you have loved to grow up in a house of artists where the dangers included spontaneous painting of surfaces?  Is your current home a dangerous place to be complacent?

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2 Responses

  1. Christine, what a great warning…but…for a crazy fool like myself its an illuminating invitation that I want to dive into head first. Pax…Ron+