Hidden Rooms

My birthday is tomorrow which always gives me pause for reflection, as a midway point in the year. About eight years ago, when I was visiting Santa Fe, I had my astrological chart done for fun. My aunt had recommended a psychic she knew working there, and so having just finished my first year of a stressful doctoral program, I treated myself to something different. I was absolutely amazed what this woman knew about me from reading my chart. I gained much more respect for the art of astrology, far more complex than those horoscopes in the newspaper lead you to believe. Those just focus on your sun sign, but there is also the moon sign, rising sign, and not to mention all of those different planets dwelling in all those different houses. All of a sudden I realized that for me, God could be big enough to have created this vast and complex system that influences the persons we become by the moment we are born and the draw of the vast night sky. One of many possible influences in our lives.

This past winter I had two dreams about discovering new hidden rooms in my home, both of which felt delightful in the dream. Then there were other synchronicities, like shortly after reading my horoscope which said that “Cancers will find hidden rooms. Sealed-off parts of your world you didn’t know existed will become available for your inspection.”

This prompted me to have my chart done again a couple of months ago, for fun, but also curious what might be revealed to me, what hidden rooms might be waiting to be discovered. Another friend recommended someone in Seattle and the astrologist, upon reading my chart, told me that my purpose in life was to “create a loving awareness of beauty and the sacredness of all things.” At the time I thought, well I already knew that, but the more I reflect on it, the more I like this simple statement about who I am and what my passion is in life. Most importantly, it gives me a window into how God is working in the world through me.

As I head into another year of crafting my life and listening for how God is guiding me, I hold onto this simple vision to ground me and remind me of the many ways I can cultivate this awareness. Simple practices and commitments, nurturing friendships, listening to my body, making space for my own creativity to keep flourishing, being fully present. And being open to what more is waiting for me in the hidden rooms of my soul, as I believe that God has a million hidden rooms waiting to be discovered one by one, when I am ready.

What are the hidden rooms in your own life waiting to be discovered? What might happen if you open the door?

-Christine Valters Paintner

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