Invitation to Poetry: Give Me a Word

Welcome to Poetry Party #74!

button-poetryI suggest a theme/title and invite you to respond with your own poem. Scroll down and add it in the comments section below or join our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Facebook group and post there.

Feel free to take your poem in any direction and then post the invitation on your blog (if you have one), Facebook, or Twitter, and encourage others to come join the party!

We began this month with a  Community Lectio Divina practice on the ancient desert practice of asking for a word, and followed up with our Photo Party on the theme of "Give Me a Word" inspired by our invitation to let a word for 2014 choose you (here – you can still share it, although prize winners have been announced).   We continue this theme in our Poetry Party this month.

Write a poem inspired by your word, something you could use as a prayer or blessing throughout the year, or just a simple reminder of how your word is inviting you to be in the year to come. In our free 12-day mini-retreat one of the suggestions was to write an acrostic poem from your word, where you write your word vertically on the page and each letter becomes the first letter for that particular line of the poem. See what form your poem wants to take!

You can post your poem either in the comment section below*or you can join our Holy Disorder of Dancing Monks Facebook group (with more than 1000 members!) and post there.

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45 Responses to "Invitation to Poetry: Give Me a Word"

  1. Sol says:

    Stay with
    Till morning breaks
    After the night
    Yesterday is gone

    Wait for the Lord
    In joy and peace
    Till morning breaks
    Here and now.

  2. Kayce says:

    Practicing opening myself
    Up to the
    Resources and revelations that
    Surround me in this magnificent
    I, myself, can be both pursuer and
    Treasured one.

  3. Cindy Lufkin says:

    Poem for My Word for 2014 – Hear

    Hear, while waiting for a better word,
    None other came to me.
    When I asked advice, give me a word,
    “Something big like ‘compassion’
    Or something smaller like ‘daffodil’?”

    Hear, when people speak,
    Don’t interrupt with your own
    Ideas, feelings, opinions,
    They may not be as important
    As what others need to convey.

    Hear, when the stillness falls,
    And it seems that the world is cold,
    Like snow, or rain, or sleet.
    There may be something hiding
    Under appearances.

    Hear, which is really such a small word,
    Unimportant, even vague.
    For what do I hear,
    For whom do I hear,
    For Whom do I hear?

    Hear, which is so simple,
    Yet so hard.
    In a world that merely listens,
    In its vast rush to go somewhere,
    Anywhere else, but


    12/30/13 (I thought that as an acrostic was just a suggestion, because this just popped out, without even much thought.)

  4. Fiona Grace says:

    Give yourself the tender mercy and caring you give to others.

    Love yourself without conditions or doubts.

    Own your awesome power as a Beauty- and Grace-full woman.

    Watch your Light Glow and Glow more brightly and See that you are already
    Glowing Now!

    • Kay McGlinchey says:

      Love the gentle and beautiful picture and also the word and the thoughts. I am GLOWing after reading and seeing. Lovely and needed words and images for a caregiver. Thank you.

      • Fiona Grace says:

        Dear Kay, thank you for your very kind words of appreciation! I feel happy to read your sweet glowing reflection. :) This was our holiday table centerpiece. I thought it was a beautiful mandala of the Sacrament of the Ordinary, one of my mottos. The cheese plate was hand painted in Italy and I found it at a thrift store. The vase a gift from a relative, the beautiful roses I cut from a larger bouquet from my husband. Even the votive candle holders and tablecloth were from the thrift store! . We have had these beloved things for a long time, and I often reorganize things making new designs. I am so happy this also brought you joy & a sense of love and beauty, as it does me! It was created with and from much love. thank you.

  5. Barbara says:

    An Invitation From the Guest (to EMBRACE)

    My heart
    By letting me enter yours
    Remember how much I delight in you
    And want you to delight in me
    Come and taste

  6. JudyLisette Martin says:

    Dear Christine

    If one wanted a word for Ireland, it would be 'Hospitality' or maybe "Generosity' – ancient spiritual concepts.
    I love to make beautiful things to give to people, as a thank you, or just as a love gift. In Ireland I found that it did not work, because if I gave to someone, in thanks for hospitality say, the recipient would go an buy me a gift. It was frustrating, but beautiful too. They have so much love to give, that you, our loving Abbess, are already Irish in spirit.
    Love Judy <3

  7. Beth says:


    It is the eyes that reveal first
    when the mask has dropped.
    Light purple shadows surround
    the sockets and pain emanates forth
    from an undefended heart.
    Stark and bold
    truth settles on the face
    and the eyes mirror this confusion,
    reflect a certain subtle horror
    there for all to see.
    In the library, my old safe stomping ground,
    a neighbor suddenly appears.
    She greets with me a Christmas hug of rescue.
    No words pass which indicate
    she may have noticed,
    but the fierceness in her hug
    confirms my every suspicion.
    And I am left knowing now
    there is one who saw and understood
    what haunts me
    as unmasked
    my eyes revealed for me
    what I was unable or unwilling
    to put in words.
    And there is no going back from here.
    Unmasked is how I will live,
    hoping that an undefended heart
    is moist enough for new love to grow
    so soon my eyes might shine
    a sheer and certain brilliance
    filled with the courage
    of a life lived

    © Beth Fritsch 2014

  8. Kay McGlinchey says:

    P-my desire is to be present in every moment
    R-take away my resistance
    E-I am enough with God
    S-Spirit, the Holy, be with me
    E-energy, give me the energy to be with another
    N-now, today, let me begin
    C-called, calm
    E-even me, oh God, especially me.

  9. Tammie says:







    My universal

    Environment of

    New Advnetures

  10. Finish
    what you start
    where you are
    with the past

    holding grudges

    clearing clutter
    tedious tasks
    mending brokenness

    the new thing?
    the possibilities?
    the joy?

    Happy new year!

  11. Leslie McCarthy says:

    This is rhyme-y, which I don't usually care for, but that's how it came out. Took the suggestion of an acrostic, my phrase is "springs forth."

    Simply, slowly quietly
    Pure, clean and fresh
    Rising to the surface
    I find His peaceful rest.
    Never-ending fountain
    Growing stronger with each day
    Springing forth His promise
    For a future long delayed
    Oh see the new thing
    Respond with joy and celebration
    Time in its fullness
    Harbinger of restoration

  12. JoAnn says:

    this moment

    ~ trust ~

    with deep gratitude

  13. rosemarie says:

    word: butterfly golden light, golden drum

    B- eautiful Light beckons
    U- shering in 2014's dance
    T- hankfulness, wonder & mystery
    T- oughtful pondering of 50 years
    E- xplorations into realms of inner space
    R- ituals of monastic living
    F- ollowing the Risen One
    L- ove unfathomable swirls and twirls
    Y- ears of adventurous learning
    G- lory's peek-a-boo glimpses
    O- pening windows of ethereal beauty
    L- ayers of omniscience
    D- rawing heart and mind
    E- cstatic notes of the golden song
    N- aming seasons of Rose & Lotus Bliss
    L- aughing Buddha and Sunbeam Dance
    I- gniting flames of conflagration
    G-od/Goddess whirlwind frenzy
    T- hat leads into a new age
    G- olden drum beats throughout the cosmos
    O- you who have ears – hear
    L- earn the language of Stillness
    D- ance at the Stillpoint of the turning world
    E- xtend your arms to the heavens
    N- uminous waves of golden Light beat
    D- rumming Love's timeless glory
    R- thymns resounding
    U- tter sublime phoenix ash golden lit
    M-erging in the Great Beyond of Awakened twin's swan song

  14. Pam says:


    cold snap
    ice throb
    wind whistle


    crunch of tread on unbroken snow
    scrape of shovel against stone
    plop and slither of snow slipping off the branch


    slow drip from icicle
    creak and groan of breaking ice
    scurried scratch of foot and beak searching


    Pamela Olson, 1/12/2014

  15. Nancy says:

    F Free to be myself?

    R Really?

    E Even if I am not who others want me to be?

    E Even if I say what others don't want to hear?

    D Dear God, free me from my self-imposed shackles

    O of oppression from speaking my truth, living fully, authentically.

    M Mold me into my true self, created in your image.

    NET 1/13/14

  16. Jan says:


    R-reflect God's graciousness
    E-eagerly respond
    V-volunteer with a smile
    E-expand horizons
    R-react with kindness
    E-expect goodness
    N-negotiate progress
    C-contemplate peace
    E-experience hope

  17. Deborah says:

    This word that chose me….


    comes back with the stealth of a cat
    seeking a warm lap.

    In the middle of the mundane chores of
    a winter morning,

    gray, and dull, and cold,
    as I wipe away dirt and grime,
    this word that chose me….


    touches me on the shoulder.
    And in that moment
    I see that it is all good,

    the dirt, the grime,
    the winter morning, gray and cold,

    simply because
    in this moment


    is all that matters.

  18. Holly Simons says:

    C – coming forth from the Advent journey
    O- open to the paths of this new year
    U- undeterred by mystery, questions and chaos
    R – ready and willing to embrace whatever comes
    A- asking for a heart shaped by humility and inner truth
    G – God-driven, God-loved, God- worshipping
    E- eternally grateful each and every day

    COURAGE is the word that found me, the word holding me in this icy New England winter

    HCS 1/20/14

  19. jamie says:


    at first, i resisted you
    (and at the same time felt immensely loved)
    because you seemed all-gift
    like i didn't have to DO anything.

    and this is true, but also
    not true
    because it is a turning,
    an asking.

    eyes to see
    ears to hear
    what the spirit is restoring
    to the self i have lost.

    but here is today's surprise

    i thought you would be gentle to me
    kind and easy
    it sounds so pretty and lavish
    to be restored.

    but so far, this year has been
    a series of the bravest of steps
    and i am beginning
    to see…

    when powerlessness is what i have known
    when hope and strength
    are what the locusts have eaten
    to be restored looks a whole lot like last year's


    "restore my voice"
    means i must speak
    "restore my tenacity"
    means when resistance ploughs through, it doesn't win.

    "restore my true self"
    means i have to look. at. my. self.
    allow myself to be seen

    but can you imagine what this work of art
    will look like after a year of
    opening to the loving hand
    of the restorer?

    "here i am… restore me?," i whisper into the dark.

  20. Rosemary says:

    As this moment passes
    With luminous portent
    All creation pauses to
    Keenly observe the now
    Experiencing exactly what is

    My word for 2014 is AWAKE. For me it is a reminder to be fully awake and attentive to what is happening in the moment, to try to avoid lingering in the past or projecting into "the not yet future." Whether I am home alone with my cat, driving my car, in conversation with someone, or participating at Mass or in prayer, I am going to make the effort to be 100% in the present moment.

  21. MaryEllen says:

    Common 2014

    Come, my dear,
    Out of the pressures to be best, into the
    Middle way, the
    Of ebb and flow, of effective and ineffective . . .
    Not outside the pale, but within the

    Monastic, artistic seekers of this ever-adoring, ever-challenging
    One, be-
    Neath it all.

  22. Joanie says:

    Seek calmness beneath
    the undulating surface.
    Slowly u n t a n g l e .

    Be the fish that is
    unaware of such things as
    rightness and wrongness.

    Float there for awhile
    weightless in the salt water.
    Soften to a l l o w.

  23. Joanie says:

    This is the image that goes with the above poem. I'm not sure why it didn't post the first time.

  24. Claire Donovan says:

    No more unlucky for some
    2014 is my year for hope

    Positive thinking

    I step into it with lightness

  25. Marianne says:

    My word for 2014 is 'receive'.

    How to Receive


    fists become cupped hands

    in the silence
    to receive

    • Carol says:

      Marianne, your word, receive, and your poem spoke to me this morning as I'm healing broken bones in my foot, live alone, and have had to ask for and receive help from friends and neighbors. Very difficult for me. I'm cupping my hands to receive with grace.

  26. Naomi Kelly says:

    My word was 'envelope'
    Everywhere surrounding
    Nature of being
    Very lover of very love
    Encasing true self
    Lifting, holding, comforting
    Opening to new ways of seeing
    Perfect presence is peace
    Encompassing everything, everywhere always

  27. Kimbol says:

    an odd sort of lectio divina
    (more divination than anything)
    i open to a psalm i fished out of the trash
    to read:
    the floods have lifted up, O LORD
    the floods have lifted up their voice;
    the floods lift up their roaring.

    my eyes stopped on flood
    like bracken on a rock
    like the tree i watched —
    pulled under a road, through a culvert

    (the water, shoving the tree,
    ripped a gash in the road
    too wide for jumping.)

    my heart sticks on flood

    each time: i hear the creek roar

    i brace myself

    God is powerful
    deserving of awed respect

    or water,
    i /will/ be swept off my feet

    i pray for the wisdom to laugh when it happens

  28. Sheila says:

    I hold my reflection in a mirror
    in a room
    Lit with one candle in a room
    of the things I love
    One of the things

  29. Audrey says:

    My word is Life

    L–loveliness fills our glass
    I–if we have eyes to see
    F–for all creation speaks of God's
    E–eternal care for thee and me.

  30. My word for this year is Focus:









  31. Brenda says:


    Simplify, make ready.
    Closets, drawers, attic, soul.
    Space to dream, to dance.

  32. My word was "fortitude" . . .

  33. Carolyn S says:


    'There's a thread you follow. It goes among things that change.
    But it doesn't change.'

    Believing, I unravel a length of my strand – just long enough
    to discover how RESILIENT settled upon my spirit.

    'While you hold it you can't get lost.'

    Believing, I summon up the trail of words that must have been traveled:

    I am not unsettled by the indecipherable pattern.

    'Nothing you do can stop life's unfolding.'

    Believing, I write my haiku

    buoyant flexibility
    ebullient me

    'You don't ever let go of the thread.'

    ~ deep thanks to William Stafford, 'The Way It Is'

  34. Elaine T says:

    My word is "easy".


    Be easy,
    Let the made-up talking heads
    shrill out their lies,
    a fist full of rocks
    bouncing off your head.

    be easy
    in the neon of big screen violence.

    Let the dark creatures of skin searing death
    ooze through these waters
    carrying their load of unremitting agony.

    be easy
    in this land of military glory

    as the red lips slither over white teeth
    as the warheads rest in their beds.

    Be easy

  35. Donna Lee Merz says:

    My word is 'longing'.

    Longing, Working,
    Hoping, Yearning,
    Praying, Longing…

    To find the way,
    to make a path,
    toward healing.

    Healing for my body,
    Freedom from fatigue;
    The lifting of depression,
    I long to find relief.

    Healing for the hurting,
    Comfort for those who grieve;
    Peace for all in turmoil,
    Cures for all disease.

    Healing for this world of ours,
    For violence to cease;
    Equality for humankind,
    For justice, love, and peace.

    Longing, Working,
    Hoping, Yearning,
    Praying, Yearning,
    That all may know God's peace.

  36. Karen Thorpe says:

    My word is Auspicious

    The time is Auspicious
    Con-spic -uous!
    The feeling delicious
    A Spirit infusion
    Pregnant with Joy!
    Drawn from the well
    Through the Alchemy
    Of simple Humanity
    And into the Light

  37. Sharon says:

    seeking, searching ..


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