Monk Manifesto

Want to join me in starting a monk revolution?

Let's spread a commitment to contemplation, creativity, and compassion far and wide!

For a PDF version of the Monk Manifesto click the link to download a printable file.

The Monk Manifesto is also available in Spanish, German, and Norwegian translations.  Click here for PDFs of Manifesto del MonjeMönchs Manifest, and Munkemanifestet.

I invite you to. . .

Monk: from the Greek monachos meaning single or solitary, a monk in the world does not live apart but immersed in the everyday with a single-hearted and undivided presence, always striving for greater wholeness and integrity

Manifesto: from the Latin for clear, means a public declaration of principles and intentions.

Monk Manifesto: A public expression of your commitment to live a compassionate, contemplative, and creative life.

1. I commit to finding moments each day for silence and solitude, to make space for another voice to be heard, and to resist a culture of noise and constant stimulation.

2. I commit to radical acts of hospitality by welcoming the stranger both without and within. I recognize that when I make space inside my heart for the unclaimed parts of myself, I cultivate compassion and the ability to accept those places in others.

3. I commit to cultivating community by finding kindred spirits along the path, soul friends with whom I can share my deepest longings, and mentors who can offer guidance and wisdom for the journey.

4. I commit to cultivating awareness of my kinship with creation and a healthy asceticism by discerning my use of energy and things, letting go of what does not help nature to flourish.

5. I commit to bringing myself fully present to the work I do, whether paid or unpaid, holding a heart of gratitude for the ability to express my gifts in the world in meaningful ways.

6. I commit to rhythms of rest and renewal through the regular practice of Sabbath and resist a culture of busyness that measures my worth by what I do.

7. I commit to a lifetime of ongoing conversion and transformation, recognizing that I am always on a journey with both gifts and limitations.

8. I commit to being a dancing monk, cultivating creative joy and letting my body and "heart overflow with the inexpressible delights of love."*

*quote is from the Prologue of the Rule of Benedict

909 Responses to "Monk Manifesto"

  1. Emilie Collins says:

    I commit myself to this manifesto!!!

    • I committed beginning exactly two years previously. Live a physically celibate life in the physical aspect, and adhere to all above lifestyle choices.

      Thank you for being here to support my walk on the red path. I look forward to your valuable information and support in the future.

      Warmest regards,

      Chris Helmuth

  2. Nancy Brady says:

    I commit to this manifesto! I have been on a journey and believe that I was sent here because it so resonates with the path I am on. There are no coincidences. I look forward to becoming a part of this group and continuing the journey with all of you.

  3. Sue Walsh says:

    I never noticed this response space before!
    I wholeheartedly commit myself to this way of living.
    Thank you for the gift of the Abbey!

  4. Kelly Hall says:

    This is a dream come true for me. I am thankful to have found you. I have been on a journey back towards my Celtic roots for…I don't know how long!…and, I have been solidly guided by Spirit to right here, right now. Some of the things I read in this site reflect a conversation I had just hours ago with a dear friend.

    I am breathing this moment in. I am committed!

    Blessing you, Kelly

  5. I am a Benedictine oblate of Douai Abbey but love this wonderful website and order. I feel inspired and drawn to sign up to the manifesto and will become involved in your rich offerings, what a gift this is. Thank you

  6. I am the Abbot Primus of the Benedictine Congregation of St. Romuald. Your manifesto is first class and I assure you of my continued prayers.

    Abbot +Thomas Hugh, OSB (csr)

  7. Sharon says:

    Yes. It's time I cease striving and begin being. Yes, I will.

  8. Jessica says:

    Amazing! What a beautiful offering you have provided. This has inspired me and will be considered as a synchronicity in my own path towards a PhD looking at the intersection between art making and pursuit of spirituality!

  9. Susan says:

    Yes I am committed to living a compassionate, contemplative, and creative life. Thank you and I look forward to what lies ahead and within.

  10. Kristen Silveira says:

    Dear fellow Dancing Monks,

    How grateful I am to have found you. With God's help, I joyfully join hands with you all, and with courage garnered from unity with each of you, I commit my heart to live a compassionate, contemplative and creative life.
    "Enlarge the place of your tent,
    and let the curtains of our habitations
    be stretched out;
    hold not back, lengthen your cords
    and strengthen your stakes."
    Isaiah 54:2

    Kind regards,
    Kristen Silveira

  11. Julie Vesely says:

    I am so happy to have found this Sacred Space with like-hearted pilgrims. I commit myself to practices of Silence, Hospitality, Awareness, Sabbath, ongoing Transformation, and Cultivating Creative Joy! Thank you for this opportunity to be a Dancing Monk in the World!

  12. Linda Elizabeth Rufi says:

    I commit to following this Monk Manifesto to the best of my ability and I pray that my abilities will increase with time and practice.

    Silence and Solitude are much needed practices that I would like to incorporate into daily life with the added benefit of having the posture of silence and solitude radiate from me.

    Hospitality is very much of who I and has been validated by pursuing a Benedictine sense of prayer and spirituality. I am temporary absent from my Oblate Community due to some other obligations.

    Community has been my mantra for as long as I can remember, but lately I have found it difficult to become more stable within the group I associate. I never really know how much to reveal about myself in order to see if I fit.

    Kinship with Creation is all around me. I live in a little town within a large city structure and our house is at the end of a little dirt road. I have trees and plants everywhere. We had such a large puddle last year in our driveway that one day I found a Great Blue Heron standing in the middle. I also have two dogs that keep me connected in wonderful unexpected ways.

    Work is homemaking and grand parenting. I make quilts, jewelry, paper arts, knit, read and a little bit of this and that. I am also a certified Spiritual Director.

    Sabbath is a practice that I struggle with finding real balance. I have been doing research (reading) because I want to present a women's program on Sabbath Keeping in the 21st century in the age of non-stop technology. When I hear the word Sabbath I think of sacred.

    Conversion is an ongoing event for me, releasing more of my desires and wants to become empty so that the Holy can fill me with His treasures. I am Roman Catholic by choice and continue to explore what that means to me in my everyday life. Not as a challenge but with humility and love.

    Creative Joy what my fingers and mind and lips can express. The blend of colors in a quilt or smoothie, waving my elephant trunk arm to illustrate a story I am telling my granddaughter. It is celebration of the energy that runs through me daily.

  13. Mary says:

    I am on this path now and look forward to continued growth and inspiration. I commit to the manifesto.

  14. Keren says:

    Yes. I commit to these things as I find they are the ways of living I had already embraced in Christ.

  15. Soma A says:

    Resonating with the Monk Manifesto. Thank you.

  16. I. commit to the manifesto! Thank you.

  17. Sofa vai says:

    Yes. I commit to these things as I find they are the ways of living I had already embraced in Christ.

  18. Toni says:

    Please accept this as my commitment to and my signature of the Monk Manifesto. God is asking me to make changes in my life and I believe these are the exact changes He is calling me to make. ~PEACE~

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