Support Team


Melinda Thomas

Melinda Thomas is the Executive Assistant for Abbey of the Arts providing program, logistical and mentoring support as well as offering monthly yoga classes. She has been studying and practicing yoga for more than twenty years, and teaching for fifteen. In each of her classes and workshops Melinda weaves spiritual and contemplative themes into accessible, alignment based movement practice. Melinda is a writer and the author of Sacred Balance: Aligning Body and Spirit Through Yoga and the Benedictine Way. She lives in North Carolina with her son whose room is often littered with LEGOs and who still wants to cuddle. Visit her website >>

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Garrett La Valley

Garrett La Valley is our website designer and digital consultant. His company OdinCat Media redesigned our site and provides ongoing updates and security. In his personal life, Garrett is an avid student of meditation, yoga and spiritual traditions. He has been studying and practicing yoga since the age of 15.