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Featured Book for December 2022

Soul Talk: How to Have the Most Important Conversation of All

by Kirk Byron Jones

“Though your soul may be more mystery to you than familiar reality, you are not a stranger to soul moments. When you smile for no reason, know something for sure without having learned it, or feel peace amid broken pieces, your soul is manifesting itself. Your soul is your pool of deep wisdom, peace, and joy within. Your soul is the part of you God held last as God released your free flight into the world.” ~ from Soul Talk: How to Have the Most Important Conversation of All.

Too often, the most difficult person to speak with honestly and deeply is yourself. And yet, if you are to live your finest, freshest, and fullest life, it is essential to maintain an empowering inner dialogue. Soul Talk presents 7 enlivening steps for creating and continuing soulfully satisfying self-communication:1. Be Still.2. Lay Burdens Down.3. Listen Deeply.4. Don’t Run Away.5. Be Honest.6. Be Gentle.7. Welcome New Truth.To Connect With Your Soul is to take Advantage of the Supreme Empowerment Opportunity of a Lifetime.

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Community Questions

Soul Talk Community Questions from Claudia Love Mair.

Week 1

  1. Kirk shared how the quote from Howard Thurman found on the page before the introduction changed the way he views the soul. Read the quote and share your response to it.
  2. Between chapters Kirk shares his beautiful poetry. How did you respond to the poetry in Soul Talk?
  3. On page 31 Kirk offers some easy practice to bring about stillness. Which of them are you drawn to?

Week 2

  1. Chapter Two (p. 43) is about laying your burdens down. What burdens are you carrying?
  2. How is stress an obstacle to attending to your soul?
  3. On page 58, Kirk writes about the soft voice of the soul and asserts that there is a part of us that is always at peace. What are your thoughts about this statement?

Week 3

  1. Kirk writes some personal soul inquires that the soul might surface as wondrous questions (p. 60). One question is, “What if being saved involves not settling for living anything less than an enchanted life?” What does an enchanted life look like to you?
  2. It's often hard to enjoy blessings when we’re chronically rushing. Read the soul questions on page 76 to slow your stride and share the ways you run away.
  3. One of the poems Kirk writes is called Lovely Soul Truth. Read it and reflect on whether or not you’ve ever thought you had to earn your worthiness.

Week 4

  1. The focus in Chapter Six is on gentleness (p. 95). How do you define gentleness? When do you struggle to be gentle with yourself?
  2. The soul urges you to transform. Onward and upward! Share a message the soul is giving you to move you forward.
  3. On page 116 Kirk shares some of his favorite Soul Talk affirmations. Write and share some of your own affirmation. Kirk would love for to share them with him at